DeLorean Car Show 2004 - Pigeon Forge Tennessee

Josh Haldeman's "Drive-thru Window"


Darren Decker's "Dragon Run-in"


Story about the Dragon Run incident - by Jeff Angwin

That would be Darren Decker's VIN 5000.
I was in the rental car (whew!) that he hit. Here's the story:

I was coming down from the end of the course, heading back to PF, about two miles from the end. The road was slick in places, but you had to watch carefully, because it was a nice, sunny day out. I was following one D, and another was following me, but with plenty of distance. In fact, just a mile before the D behind me had pulled over to let me pass.

As I was heading down, I came upon a left-hand curve, and saw Darren coming up, toward me in his lane. All looked fine, until I heard his brakes squeal... He had hit a wet patch and was coming towards me. Right towards me! He could not steer, nor could he stop. Nothing I could do but to keep my track, pull over to the right as far as I could, and keep my pace, slowing down as quickly as I could without spinning out.

He hit me in the drivers door, sideswiped it, and continued about 20 yards past me. At that point his inertia switch had tripped, and he stalled in place. The impact to me was so hard that the drivers door would not open, so for the rest of the weekend, I had to crawl across the seat from the passenger door to enter the car. Darren was pretty shook up... I gave him a ride back to the hotel, where the last I saw, he was looking for someone with a flatbed to tow the car back down. The fender had bent to the point of interfering with his tire, so he could not drive it back down. I never did see his D back at the hotel, so I am assuming he got it towed to where it could be fixed properly.

Darren: if you are there, please let us know the outcome of the accident. I'd like to know if the fender can be saved.

Jeff Angwin

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